Special Features

Features You Can Add to Your Ceremony

Many couples choose to add special features to their ceremony. Here are some samples.


The photo in the Home page of this site shows a completed Sand Ceremony. Generally the couple choose two colors for the sand (available at craft stores). You will also need glass vases with stoppers, one larger one that the sand will be poured into, and two additional glass vases from which you will pour the sand. – or you can request that I provide the sand and vases. (For an additional fee).


Two candles representing each of you, and a larger central candle that you will light together from your burning candles.

Love Story

Write out a couple special events/moments from your courtship and read these to each other.

Unity Knot

Using two pieces of cord of different colors tie a knot . This would be placed in a wall-hanging or display case in your home.


The minister officiant or two or the parents/grandparents tie the couples hands together, symbolizing that you are now bound together as one.

Special Song

Arrange for someone to sing “your song”, or sing it yourselves.

Love Letters or Poem

Share excerpts from some of the love letters or love notes you’ve written each other during your courtship.

Foot Washing

This involves what is commonly referred to as The Ordinance of Humility. It is taken from church liturgy. Water, basins and towels are prepared. The groom washes the bride’s feet, then the bride washes the grooms feet.


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