Experience & Expertise
Eldon has crammed his life with many and varied careers.
While he has worked in Ministry for decades, becoming a licensed, ordained minister happened due to the request from his older son to officiate their upcoming wedding.

His exploits include:
> farm hand, janitor, maintenance worker
> married, divorced, re-married
> foster-parent, father, grandfather
> gardener, photographer, wedding officiant
> line worker at McKee Bakery, Burger King
> Master Guide, Pathfinder Director, Camp cook
> CNA, care-giver for quadriplegics, first-contact Medic at several schools
> Ordained Minister, Story-teller
> classroom teacher at elementary, middle and high school levels
> President of Teacher Association, President of College Faculty Association
> Director of University Disabilities Services
> Chair of College Education & Psychology Department,
> Associate Professor of Education & Psychology
> poet, author, musician

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